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المدينة Ashburn
الولاية Virginia
الدولة United States of America
رمز الدولة US

عن الموقع My IP Address

More information about the My IP Address tool!

There are various methods to find your IP address. You can find your IP address using a website, by checking your router box or by looking at the command line prompt.


1) Finding my IP address using a website:

You can find an IP address using this tool:

2) Checking my router box:

The simplest way is to check the router box or modem for the physical device that connects you to the internet. The information should be printed somewhere on the device.

3) Looking at the command line prompt:

Open Terminal and type "ifconfig". The response will include information such as "eth0" for Ethernet connections, "wlan0" for wireless connection and so on.