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In general , keyword is a word (or) phrase . In the internet , especially in search engines people enter some words or phrases to find answers (or) solutions for their queries . And these words/phrases are called as keywords.

Let we see examples for word and phrase keywords.

“Camera” is a word which can also be called as keyword.

“Cheap Cameras for vlogging” is a phrase  which can also be called as keyword

What is a focus keyword ? Is it same as keyword?

Focus keyword is a keyword which helps to know what was explained in a post /content

Focus Keyword is a keyword . But it is used by website owners & seo experts .

In the above example “Cheap Cameras for vlogging” is a keyword . People enter this keyword in search engines . Search engines will display 10 results (i.e websites / webpages) in their first page  based on their algorithm. People most probably  choose first and sometimes check upto 3 to 4 .

So the website owners or seo experts or camera company which is having a website will try to achieve top1 in 10 results of first page . Here comes the focus keyword . Website owners or seo experts or camera company which is having a website while writing a content on “How to get Cheap Cameras for vlogging”  will add Cheap Cameras for vlogging keyword in appropriate places multiple times but not crossing the limits of search engine rules.

 The search engine crawl the above websites & other related websites and  based on their algorithm rank the websites for the keyword Cheap Cameras for vlogging . When people search for the keyword cheap cameras for vlogging. The above websites will also be taken into consideration because they focused that particular keyword . but coming in top  10 depends on search engine algorithm .

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