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The meta tag is a tag which contains information about an HTML document. The information is also called as meta data.
Meta tags are placed inside/ inbetween  the head tags. Meta tags helps to set information of character set, description of the webpage, keywords, author, and viewport settings.
The information of Metadata will not be shown to website visitors but it can be read by browsers and search engines.
What searchengines do with metatags ?
Searchengines uses meta tags to rank the webpages in their search engine result pages (SERP) . Sometimes search engines use meta tags to display as snippets  in their search engine result pages (SERP) .
 Title Tag
Actually Title Tag is a HTML tag . It helps to understand search engine outline about the content.
Meta Description:
Search engines allowed length of meta descriptions is around 155 characters And so it is recommended to write meta descriptions between 135–150 characters in length.
Meta Keywords tag:
Meta Keywords are one of the meta tag that is almost not considered by search engines or for understanding purpose we can say meta tags are rejected one. Nearly decades back, the meta keyword tags helped in many ways for website owners & seo experts but now an excluded member in search engines. 
Many years back, some goodless  website owners & seo marketers to increase page views  inserted keywords which is fully unrelated to the pages .The trending topics/ keywords is used for a post/page which is fully different one . It is called as  "keyword stuffing."  Which is not acceptable one by search engines . So big search engine devalued this keyword meta tag and it is not used in ranking algorithm at all, because they are easy to misuse . 

Meta Robots Tag:
This tag helps to tell search engines what to do with the pages.