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whois domain checker

Whois Domain Checker is a domain name lookup service that helps you search for the registration and ownership information of a domain name. It provides you with the registrant's contact information, organization, and domain name.

The Whois Domain Checker can help you find out if the website or blog that your next potential client is using has expired. It can also help you identify possible trademark infringements if you are going to start a similar business or blog in the future. It can also be used by copyright owners to identify unauthorized use of their work on other websites.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the Web address you type in your browser to find a website. For example, Microsoft.com is a domain name.

Domain names are usually made of two parts: the top-level domain and the second-level domain. The top-level domain is what identifies what type of entity you're looking for (such as .org for nonprofits, .edu for educational institutions, or .com for businesses). The second-level domain is the actual name of your organization.

That's why you see "www." at the beginning of every URL - it means World Wide Web - that's how it all started!