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XML Sitemap Generator tool!

First, What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a simple file  where you can give details about the pages, images, videos, and other files on your site and also the relationships between them.

Is there any different types of sitemaps available?

Yes. Xml , RSS (or) Atom feed , Text. If you need XML sitemap needed try techinfoweb’s free XML sitemap generator .

Why sitemap needed?

For Seo Experts and Website owners they want to get top positions in the search engine results pages . In that one of the helpful part for them is adding sitemap in their website . Because search engine has crawlers which crawl website’s Pages , Images & Videos. If the Seo Experts and Website owners has linked their pages internally with the other pages it will help the crawlers to crawl somewhat fast. Crawlers fail to crawl fast if pages are not linked because it has crawl page one by one to understand the website structure and also a time consuming one. But when sitemap which has links of pages the crawling will be much more faster than internal link . Sitemap helps crawlers to crawl the website fast.

When you need sitemap?

If your site is too large then you need sitemap . Because search engine crawlers sometimes fails to crawl recently published posts / new posts /pages because of lot of pages/posts.

What are the needs we have to consider while creating a sitemap?

Be sure you have the sitemap file size to be 50MB (or) less than 50MB.

Be sure you have the sitemap file have the urls to 50,000 (or) less than 50,000 .

If the urls are more than 50,000 then it is recommend to split the sitemap into multiple sitemaps.

What we have to do after creating a sitemap?

We have to submit sitemap to respective search engine webmaster tool.